Mak & Ger

Partners in life, and in business. Mak & Ger is a husband and wife team that excels at working with entrepreneurs to help them introduce sales and marketing programs into their organizations.

Specialties include: go to market strategy, inbound lead generation, and sales pipeline development (SQL to close).

Before “work from home” was normal, we started Mak & Ger in our Manhattan apartment. It was 2009, and our studio was not much bigger than a bottle.

This is our OG marketing creative – a picture is worth 1,000 words. “Mak scopes them out. Ger reels them in.” – Original creative brief.

Now we are back in Los Angeles with a view that peers out over our two daughters. The vision is through a more mature lenses, but it is still a sunny day at the beach.

Many businesses invested in us as we grew in our careers, and now we are privileged to invest capital (and energy) into businesses that align with our ethos.

Michelle is a Marketing VP in Fintech and a coach in the kitchen.

Brandon is a “gun for hire” in the natural food industry, and “scout” in Venture Capital.

Connect with us on LinkedIn or better yet reach out to grab a coffee or cocktail.

Be well and challenge yourself.

Mak & Ger